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Random Revelations
A 2 hr guided missile of a mixed bag of quarantunes streamed for our friends & followers featuring Chip & Tony Kinman of Rank & File, No Trend, Joe King Carrasco, Johnnie Taylor, Arthur Lyman, Dusty Springfield, Too $hort and many more
Dwight Twilley
Troubadour Dwight Twilley made a rare live appearance out west and told stories from his Shelter Records heyday in the 70's working with Leon Russell and Tom Petty
Matthew Stoller without vigilance to restrain disaster capitalists and sweeping authoritarian leadership, life after this pandemic, may see us reemerge from quarantine into a strangled semblance of our former society with a lot less freedom.
Khaela Maricich's creative work as "The Blow" somehow exists in the fringe balsam glade of performance art that pivots and pirouettes between the intersection of "spoken word", "indie rock" and "dance music". As she notes in "The Woman You Want Her To Be" Around back is the VIP entrance it’s invite only and many resent this they swear their name must be on the list They wanna get in get in get in get in…
On their 25th Anniversary Tour Japanese Metal band CHURCH OF MISERY brought their eardrum rattling sonic doom to San Francisco's Bottom Of The Hill and we brought our cameras into the pit