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Shotwell – Wolves (Dead Bats)

a video shot at summer of 2020 protests featuring a song from the Shotwell Dead Bats CD

Wolves is the 9th of the 10 songs featured on the Dead Bats CD , the most recent release from Shotwell whose first 7″ EP appeared in 1995. 

Twenty-five years and as many band members later Jimmy Jazz of Shotwell brought back percussionist STEVE MORIARTY (THE GITS, PINKOS, ST. BUSHMILLS CHOIR) to record & release Dead Bats. Joined on bass by JOE FUCKO (NAKED AGGRESSION, STRYCHNINE) they stuck to the tried and true, passionate political lyrics set to pissed drunk punk pacing that has defined their output over the decades.

Shotwell Wolves Lyrics


Said Steve of the brief but feisty Shotwell Dead Bats Protest video he put together : “I made this on my I-phone, mostly using Black Lives Matter protest footage from Seattle, San Francisco, Oakland, Brazil and Paris France. It’s what I did for my summer vacation.”

Shotwell Dead Bats CD is available via Revolver Mid Heaven Mailorder

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