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Foreigner Faux Spike’s Double Vision Halloween Tribute

REVolts Vs Foreigner

Below is a video link to The Re-Volts caught live in action disgracing themselves doing a stunningly sick seventies throwback recreation as DOUBLE VISION at the Bad_Acid_Presents  Hallorager VIII at San Francisco’s storied Bottom of the Hill on 10-30-2021 …

They perform two Foreigner Facsimile songs in this quickly edited clip, two corporate cock rock classics: Long Long Way From Home and Cold As Ice ( which was a top ten hit back in summer of ’77).

The posse comin’ at us is led by Spike Slawson, who has taken to heart (vest and wig) the role of Lou Grammatico in his Halloween DOUBLE VISION Foreigner Tribute. Here is backed by pedigreed punk pals including co-founding Dwarves member HEWHOCANNOTBENAMED on keys,  local ne’er do ‘ell and jocular jerk of all horns Jamin Barton , Jack Dalrymple on guitar, Colin Delaney on skins, and Paul Oxborrow in the role of late great OG bassist Ed Gagliardi .


A ghastly time was had by all at the Bad Acid Presents Glitter Wizard/Blue Öyster Cult~Re-Volts/Foreigner~Rockers/Thin Lizzy~ Whateverglades/Blondie fest.



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