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I’m a lil’ trouble maker that likes to edit videos of some of the great live music shows I attend, and this is my new website to showcase those captivating clips and other curious content I come across. I live and work in the San Francisco / Oakland By Area zone , and don’t really I like piña coladas (or gettin’ caught in the rain.)

…I appreciate you stoppin’ by, if you’re looking for something enter it in the white search bar:

editorial sidetrack: I started my new lilmike dot me website as a relatively unplanned, uncensored, unrelenting editorial outlet where I’ll be focusing the byte sized bulk of my online content curation and communications efforts. To find something, you can try this search feature

Lil Mike aka TV Mike
your lil’ host

Indeed, I finally have made the awkward abapical acceptance that the social media sewer and zero-sum Zuckerization of our deteriorated discourse over the past decade is no longer something I can just sit with and idly abide.


For pennies a day, I can host & post whatever I want here, and even a booby or two without fear if I so choose.

Having been tracked & deplatformed, banned, demonized,  demonetized and even having the indignity of my very ability to use my “lil mike” name stolen by neo-con coddling azzoholic advertiser amplifying anorchous algorithms of the Zuckerbook just ain’t my thing.

In our youth, we used to put out zines and publish our own compilation tapes, hell, even the city of San Francisco let me run my own cable access tv show and book festival stages adjacent to city hall…enough of being pushed around by philistines on on the internet!

I figured time has come that I must at least have my own metagrobolizing media monetizing myriorama online in which I am the decider… hence my site that you’ve stumbled upon.

Feel free to stop by occasionally, and join me, you can catch a hot take, see something new to you, leave a comment, sign up for emails from me if I occasionally get around to ’em etc

Get in touch to discuss a potential video project or event you’d like me to cover or get involved in  just call or txt 415 287 9642

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3 thoughts on “About

  1. Way cool lilmike! I don’t have a lot of time but I’ll be keeping up with your mad self as much as I can! Slainte mate. If I can’t be in San Francisco, at the very least I can be here! yer FLA pal paul.

  2. Our mutual friendDavey Ewers says you are verysmart and good at ‘fuzzy’ thinking stuff. Would like together together sometime actually. Phil Cushway (Artrock)

  3. Thanks for putting this amazing site together. Lots of great photos of old San Francisco. I lived in the Upper Haight in the early 1980’s and noticed an error on one of the photo captions regarding Double Rainbow and the I-Beam. You mentioned that the present day Goodwill was under construction while/during a fire at the site of the Straight Theater. However, The Goodwill was built many years after the demolition of the theater, on top of what was then an empty lot. I remember that very vividly having lived on Cole and Oak for 2 years, walking by the empty lot, and later the construction site of the future Goodwill. I arrived about 5 years too late to experience the theater close up.

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