San Francisco

Fundraiser For Fun Raisers At Make-Out Room & Latin American Club in SF

Beyond The Health Care Implications Of The COVID-19 Viral Scare Is That Many People Have Been Locked Out Of Their Income, Left Without A Means To Pay Bills, My Friends At The Beloved SF Venue The MakeOut Room Are Amongst Hundreds Of Millions In This Boat…

Ruby Ray : Kalifornia Kool at Vesuvios

Ruby Ray photographed confrontational artists like Devo, William S Burroughs, Crime, Nico, The Avengers and Z’ev at the nexus of punk & industrial subcultures for Search & Destroy magazine in late 70’s and early 80’s San Francisco. Her photos are a vivid documentation of decades past that still seem as vital and necessary today

The Myth Of Democratic Party Purity Tests: Grifters Who Never Fail To Fail

The Iowa Caucus was just a preview of the next Democrat Party failure: From NAFTA, to repeal of Glass-Steagall, or ushering in the $2 trillion botch job of the Iraq war, there’s always a Democrat about to get busted for some corruption behind it. they fought to bring us NAFTA, and repeal Glass-Steagall and marched in lock step with Bush & Cheney to usher in the $2 trillion botch job of the Iraq war

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