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Buttertones at DuNord play Life Coach
The cinematic surf noir of The Buttertones captured on multiple cameras in a crowded basement full of hysterical sweaty shrieking females, whats not to like?
Apache The Boy's Life
Apache the band specializes in lousy good ol’ fashioned not too serious, raunchy robust beer...
SF Bus Shelter Fail
Political Operatives Of The Controlling Democrat Cabal Casually Squandered A Billion Tax Dollar$ On A Fancy Bus Shelter That Is A Total Bust ! Due To Safety Concerns About Shoddy Construction, It Was Blocked Off From Public Access A Year Ago, Only Days After Opening, And Its Closure Escalated The Already Miserable Gridlock Downtown.
The Dirtbombs in 2000
In August 2001 the Dirtbombs from Detroit Michigan convened at the Bottom Of The Hill in San Francisco for a memorable gig that has stood the test of time nearly two decades later. Here's an exclusive never before seen edited HD clip of the Dirtbombs opening number shot with two Sony digital video cameras