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Osgood Slaughter – “Live Like An Animal, Die Like A Vegetable!”

Osgood Slaughter were a San Francisco rock band that existed from 1986-1993. Their only release was a 1000 copy CD paid for by the singer Bruno's mom.

Here is footage of the SF based heavy comic rockers Osgood Slaughter performing a rock oddity about “Fruit Bats!” in the unlikely locale of a Guam public park circa 1989.

As I post this I just got word that Osgood Slaughter’s vocalist Bruno Bersani has left this earthly realm and I send condolences to his extended family and many friends. I was never tight with the guy, but always in awe of his gruff persona, and expecting a laugh. As my pal Dave Pehing wrote after his recent passing of his larger than life stage presence “Bruno was a brilliantly weird and compelling character onstage. ”

Bruno’s most memorable lyric in my opinion was the guttural chorus “Live like an animal, die like a vegetable!” and will I try to edit a clip of him performing that song at the band’s farewell reunion show for drummer Chewy Marzolo’s 50th birthday in 2017. In the meantime enjoy this one from the wayback machine…

Osgood Slaughter was a loud, enigmatic and unavoidably omnipresent force in the dark dingy maze of hedonist hell-hole nightclubs that were San Francisco’s rock scene for a few years in the tale end of the late 80’s through early 90’s. Osgood Slaughter were a confusing comedic combo, somewhat akin to a Northern California alternative to LA band Pygmy Love Circus in some ways, with a caustic and bizarre biting sense of Zappa-esque humor mixed with thrash metal proficiency. They were too weird for the metal crowd, being more bike messenger than biker gang, and not sad or serious enough for the indie rock effete elite, so Osgood Slaughter stomped, wailed and terrorized military bases, bars & backyard bar bq’s alike in search of fame and fortune on both US coasts, and even the South Pacific before disbanding and splintering off circa 1993.

When i first moved to San Francisco, this band soon hit my radar as more persistent than popular, but always active on the underground, and had revolving lineups featuring guitar work from a couple of my earliest punk guitar god pals, such as John Cobbett (of Malefice, Gwar and later Ludicra/Hammers of Misfortune) and one of the guitarists featured in the video posted here Barry D’live (known for touring ax man stints in Gwar and Me First & the Gimme Gimmes, several albums with RKL, and now playing with MDC).

The embedded Osgood Slaughter track “Time To Be A Transient” features the John Cobbett era lineup circa 1990 and is from their Take This All Of You, And Eat It album available on Bandcamp if you can’t find yr crusty old CD copy like me. If you delve into Chewy Marzolo’s overflowing bandcamp, you will find many more Osgood outtakes, unreleased would be albums, and side projects from the members.

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