The Buttertones – Life Coach

Live footage of The Buttertones in San Francisco performing Life Coach, an original song that appears on their 2016 self released “American Brunch” LP.

The cinematic surf noir of The Buttertones captured on multiple foggy lensed cameras in a darkly lit crowded low ceilinged basement full of hysterical sweaty shrieking females, whats not to like?

This video is a multi-cam clip from their 2017 summer tour which I captured below the Swedish American Hall on Market St at the nocturnal retreat otherwise known as DuNord.

The Buttertones, an educated and enigmatic five-piece combo that arose from the Los Angeles basin at the time consisting of Richard Araiza (vocals/guitar), Sean Redman (bass), Modesto Cobian (drums),  London Guzmán (saxophone) and Dakota Böettcher (guitar). I have just read that as of July 2019, guitarist Dakota has left the group, so it should interesting as they forge ahead without his additional musical influence.

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