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Flipper – The Lights, The Sound, The Rhythm, The Noise

Flippers 40th Birthday is all about The Lights The Rhythm The Sound

On the occasion of the band’s 40th Anniversary, the noise mongers collectively known as Flipper assembled on the stage at The Great American Music Hall shortly after 11 pm to deliver their sonic sermon last night.

Stella Meets David Yow

Prompt , showered and shaved, frontman for the occasion, Mr David Yow greeted some people beside the stage including a bored 15 year old brought 1500 miles by her mother.

After the pleasantries, our cameras turn to capture the opening feedback salvo from Ted, a brief intro of the Flipper as the “the greatest band in the history of forever” be a young female fan in the audience, and Yow & Co take over. David soon leaps into the sold out crowd of some 500 attendees and we’re officially off!

The joyous din kept going until well after midnight. Here are the first few moments of some of the nihilistic nostalgia and friendly frenzy that ensued.

Above is the version from last night, followed below by a video from 2006 of the band featuring original vocalist Bruce Loose at Cafe DuNord in San Francisco with Kris Novoselic on bass.

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