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Bone Cootes Delivers The Deluxe Bacon Fat

Bone Cootes Delivers The Deluxe Bacon Fat

The Deluxe on Haight St was a happening hurricane of activity on a January 2002 evening when our camera was there to catch the encore of seasoned San Francisco rock n roll soldier Bone Cootes and his bad azz bar room blasting band.

He starts off in this gritty unedited live clip with “Little Bird” , a tavern tested tune that would later appear on his Bone Cootes “Blow Out The Curses” CD and finishes here with a ribald ripper by the late great Andre Williams, “Bacon Fat”.

Bones band the Living Wrecks, featuring debonair dudes like Austin DeLone on the keys, six string pluckin’ birthday boy Kevin Ink in another corner and Joe Kyle Jr on the standup bass were all easily tossin’ out grooves and licks to spare. On fire with their unique amalgam of country fried blues, swanky angular urbane jazz attack and ol’ fashioned pub rock, they were inciting hip grinding drunken dancefloor mayhem. Through the magic of time travelin’ digital video…it’s like now you are there too!

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