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The Myth Of Democratic Party Purity Tests: Grifters Who Never Fail To Fail

The Iowa Caucus was just a preview of the next Democrat Party failure: From NAFTA, to repeal of Glass-Steagall, or ushering in the $2 trillion botch job of the Iraq war, there's always a Democrat about to get busted for some corruption behind it. they fought to bring us NAFTA, and repeal Glass-Steagall and marched in lock step with Bush & Cheney to usher in the $2 trillion botch job of the Iraq war
fragrance of Democrat Party

I was challenged by a joking friend of mine yesterday to contain my most recent political rant to a bumper sticker, and to be honest I couldn’t. I had to immediately “podblast” it…

I felt disbelief and incredulous head shaking, that fermented into pent up rage after the botched Iowa Caucus results were released/not released in the first week of February 2020. Either the Democrats were sabotaging themselves to hide results that did not behoove party bigwigs and monied mainstream interests, or they just botched it outright.

Either way it was not a good look… and it still isn’t 4 days later

Iowa Caucus results still not released after nearly a week
excerpt of embrassing story about Democratic Party's handling of the Iowa Caucus  tally
a news story from on party preparedness

Sadly, this just the sort of thing I’ve come to expect from the loyal opposition, the party of “we’ll get it right next time” who never miss an opportunity to show disorganization, incompetence and wacky weakness instead of strategic strengths.

if the Democrat Party had an official  cologne I imagine it would be called "Incompetence by DNC "
“Incompetence by DNC” the official party fragrance

Iowa and DNC delegate shenanigans remind me of how ill prepared, corrupt, sneaky, non-transparent and awkward they often are when given authority… and for them to proclaim themselves the purity testers of our common political landscape is farcical at best.

Democrat success stories I see lately, are few, like slowly turning over the streets of my beloved San Francisco into an expensive everflowing fountain of sh/t, tents & needles, positioned in front of shuttered small biz storefronts. So many of the predatory dope dealers plying their trade openly entered our country illegally, yet enjoy being harbored by our “sanctuary city”. This was a well-intentioned Democrat construct, a policy that not only assists the poor and down trodden, but also enables those contributing nothing but misery and gang violence, whose only goal in the USA is working for cartels extracting dolar bills froma n ever expanding pool of lowly street addicts. Democrats apparently call this all a grand experiment in social services and tolerance. Would you like a gov’t supplied free needle to go with that festering abscess and fentanyl addiction? No problema, just don’t ask for rehab or an exemption from our plastic straw ban.

Outside the obvious unsightliness, and law enforcement expenses that this public health crisis entails, this achievement in compassion and poverty pimping only costs us $1 billion a year in “services” out of our meager $12.3 Billion city budget. The city budget is an astronomical sum that goes up every year, with literally billions more sucked outta taxpapayers over the last decade, yet with little new to show for it. Our small businesses shutter at shocking rates, while millions of taxpayer funded syringes line sidewalks & clog gutters, while rampant evictions and horrific homelessness are at crisis levels .

San Francisco is run entirely by a backstabbing power hungry Democrat cabal, who have manifested a behemoth city budget that dwarfs that of many larger cities with double our population and land mass. This city blows through literally $33,698,630.86 in expenses on an average day and employs 6 people per city block on the taxpaper teat. I can only wonder where and what they are doing, when despite the seeming surplus of staff, literally no one is around to hinder the eyeball peeling atrocities committed on those same blocks daily.

D is the grade I’d give Democrats in San Francisco, who have no viable opposition party to blame, taking hundreds of days on average for approval on the simplest public projects, convening endless “task forces” that issue unread reports months and years later, while billions in tax money get shoveled around, much of it divied up to fave “non-profits” who are lauded with back patting “official” city proclamations. Meanwhile, almost no affordable housing gets built, waitlists add thousands of names, despite legal mandates and a massive backlog of demand for new housing is ignored by a political class busying shaking each other down for favors.

The crowning achievements of our Democrats regionally in the Bay Area are things like billions upon billions squandered on botched bridges, and bus terminals with bogus bullet trains & fatally flawed subway cars that take decades to barely go blocks with basements to nowhere. Contractors are apparently the most important constituents, at least as far FBI investigators have discovered over the years.

What so-called “Democrats” even stand for is a giant questionmark, as their 2020 Presidential primaries begin, the curious addition of billionaire Mike Bloomberg buying his way into the process is a strikingly bleak example of how the “Democrat Party” apparently knows no real ideological bounds. A poll released in February of 2020 found that “Likely Democrat Voters” found Bloomberg to rank higher than Biden or Bernie when asked “which candidate best represents the party”

Many apparently pine for the rose colored glasses of the good ol’ days when Bill Clinton got into the White House, but most forget that was when Newt’s GOP arose to capture dominance of the House of Representatives for the first time since 1946 ushering in the neo-con era and the deep divisions that have set this country down the raggedy red rebel Republican road we’re on today.

So back then, to prove their meritorious money policy mettle, the Democrats of the 1990’s, led by guys like Bill & Biden, fought hard to bring us the AEI’s NAFTA, and the repeal the 1933 Glass-Steagall bank reform financial rules in 1999, which within ten years crashed our economy and made everyone dirt under a derivatives trader’s fingernail in a mutant mega-bank’s claws …

Bill Clinton takes a bite of the NAFTA apple

Eventually Bill was almost ousted for some unethical shenanigans, but Democrats circled around, called his victim a vixen and scorned the GOP, and soon we had Baby Bush to contend with for two terms. So were The Democrats the #RESISTANCE then? Maybe the resistance to common sense.

Don’t forget that Democrats “patriotically” patronized us in 2002 and marched us all like the pied pipers in lock step with Bush & Cheney to usher in the $2 trillion bloody botch job of the Iraq war (that is everyone except Oakland’s Congresswoman Barbara Lee ).

It is indeed mysterious to them, how by the date of Trump’s inauguration the donkeys had managed to have the lowest number of elected officials sitting in office in 100 years…

They are now shocked as people largely ignore their intentionally limited, ridiculously rushed and inconsequentially inadequate “managed” impeachment attempt. It is 4th down on the wrong end of the field and they are still hoping for a penalty call on a replay review after the last time out? There impeachment seemed designed to fail…and Pelosi admits she never was behind it from the start.

Oh, Democrats with their high ideals and folksy Joe Biden as their chosen “frontrunner”, a semi senile ol ‘ cooter who never met a racist predatory red lining lender or a war he didn’t like, a skeezy bad toucher who ignored his drug addled son until he was holding dual shady gigs in foreign countries that are making Trump jealous…

How are the Democrats able to throw shade on Republicans while they bring us equally unvettable ethically challenged and federally charged & convicted piece of sh/t Congressional jokes?

I’m taking their party’s puke worthy politicians like Anthony Weiner, Laura Richardson, William J Jefferson, Frank Ballance, Chaka Fattah, and Corrine Brown, not to mention Katie “Who Me Too?” Hill who was barely in Congress long enough to be ousted?

It takes some gall and nerve to put other politicians through public purity tests when your politicians include such icons of filth as the 82 Democrats reprimanded for misconduct in Congress just this century, that’s 25% of the total misconduct reprimands in over 200 years committed by elected Democrats within just 20 years! By my rough estimates there have been 127 Democrat politicians actually convicted of crimes while in state or federal office this century, including 18 in the state of Pennsylvania in just the past 5 years alone.

D is the first letter of the name of the party of national elected embarrassments like Rod Blagojevich , Alcee Hastings, Barbara Rose Collins, The Calderon bros, Fabian Nunes, Don Perata and Rod Wright in the California Assembly, or Hayward’s own corrupt feverish lying big ticket item shoplifter Mary Hayashi, who was an Assembly seat holder actually married to a sitting Democrat judge.

Democrat donors include all the usual suspects and socialites, and literally the largest dark money groups in nation. The people seeking favors from Democrats run the gamut of individual cesspool dwellers like that meth & dead male prostitute lovin’ Ed Buck, or a top Democrat donor named Charlie Kushner who ended up in prison (yeah that dudes’ daddy) or even the Chinese Govt who got caught funneling nearly a million into Democrat Pres campaigns.

Jeffrey Epstein guest lists of politicians are filled with Democratic icons, such as that parties’ fave sons including an ex-Governor who ran for President, a revered ex-Senator and a certain ex-President who all took those jaunty junkets to private islands with Prince Andrew and Alan “I kept my underwear on” Dershowitz

… Don’t even peel the onion and look at their judicial branch embarrassments and regional reprobates like our own class of political punks here in SF like Federal inmates Leland Yee, Ed Jew, and Keith Jackson, a local schoolboard hustler. Who can forget Carole “I plead insanity” Migden or our latest embarrassment in SF, the recently indicted DPW director and pocket fattener Mohammed Nuru who had close ties to the last FOUR SF mayors, even though they’ll now pretend not to know him.

But hey, how dare I say the Democrats are not the #Resistance right? If i believed in God, I’d ask the deity to help us, but let’s be honest, if anyone upstairs cared, we wouldn’t be here.

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