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Unrepentant Dwarves in messy 3 stripper crash the stage pileup

The Dwarves joined onstage by feral female friends onstage at Burger Boogaloo in Oakland for a chaotic set closing song replete with crowd surfing Blag Dahlia

It was lil’ bit smutty, a lil’ bit rock ‘n roll as the old school Dwarves lineup of Blag Dahlia, HeWhoCannotbeNamed and bassist Salt Peter Strauss were onstage along with Rex Everything and spry lad Hunter Down on the drum kit. As host John Waters says of the Burger Boogaloo , “Burger Boogaloo is the perfect cult gathering of young and old music rebels who hate everybody in the world except each other.” Or as Blag himself put it “the place to be” in vogue Oakland with the “greatest rock band in the world”, apparently his own.

Here’s a 360° video perspective the Dwarves closing down their set with “Unrepentant”, the lead off track from their 1997 album “Dwarves are Young & Good Looking” which was their first release after getting booted by Sub Pop for pranking the death of one of their own band members in a PR seeking stunt meant to ride the 90’s post Kurt Cobain suicide sympathy wave. The song is all chunky riffs and bluesy wails, dark humor augmented by some anti-crowd control antics as they end their ribald appearance at Burger Boogaloo July 6th in Oakland’s Mosswood Park. They are joined by some feral female friends like Burlesque Boogaloo beauties Ms Edie Eve, Szandora LaVey and voluptuous Bo Vixxen.

“Live action show
In stereo
On TV, radio
Smokin’ dust
Like there’s just no tomorrow
But they don’t know
Said they don’t know
Yeah, they don’t know!
Aww, they don’t know!!

Yeah, I’m unrepentant
And I don’t regret it
There isn’t any other way
Yeah, I’m unrepentant “

– Blag Dahlia ( aka Paul Cafaro )

I brought a new 360° camera to capture some of the action stage side at Day 1 of the Burger Boogaloo but as soon as I took it out, the frantic pit action and stage diving of big boy Blag Dahlia soon knocked the lil dual lensed guy off its gimbel mount and into the mud, so I apologize for the smeared lens on some of this footage. Thankfully my co-camera operator Eric Moffat noticed it flying and snagged it from the mud, I later saved his camera as it was knocked around onto the ground minutes later during the stage diving and crowd surfing caught at the end of this number.

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