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Ovarian Trolley Closes The Lost Door

The bittersweet displacement farewell from Ovarian Trolley to their San Francisco home, the trio plays one of their ever more rare shows to an adoring audience of longtime friends and family in a San Francisco industrial warehouse space they were forced out of.after decades..

Ovarian Trolley at the Lost Door

Video of Buck Bito and The Hall Sisters singing a beautifully bittersweet so long and farewell to a place and way of life that defined their youth along Islais Creek in SF. The song is called Cry Baby …


Sisters Laurie & Jennifer Hall musically meshed as dueling vocalists and rhythm section, with added dissonance contributed by guitarist Buck Bito were known as Ovarian Trolley.

Jennifer hall playing drums with Ovarian Trolley
Jennifer Hall Ovarian Trolley
Buck Bito & Laurie Hall

A 90’s era San Francisco based indie rock band, Ovarian Trolley released 3 full length CD albums, emerged from the ashes of their previous late 80’s combo Glorious Clitorious and recorded and toured from roughly 1992 thru 1998. This live video recording was made in September 8th 2018 at their a farewell show to their old San Francisco stomping grounds, a final gathering at Laurie’s Lost Door warehouse studio loft space on Islais Creek in San Francisco before eviction. The song was recorded some twenty years since they’d ostensibly ended their Ovarian Trolley musical project with Buck and moved on to other musical and creative pursuits.

here is a link to the most recent release by Jennifer and Laurie’s band Ruby Howl

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