Gary Floyd’s Buddha Brothers …it was the happiest day of their lives

Feel the drama as “Franklyn & Susie Got Married ” …a soap opera of sorts performed by the Buddha Brothers who in this video are Gary Floyd, Greg Dale, Chewy Marzolo, Edgar San Gabriel, Mark Smotroff and Pokechoppums

Live at The SF Eagle

“Franklyn & Susie got married…it was the happiest day of their lives”

…and then some sh/t went down…

Just another folk fable as sung by the mighty Gary Floyd. A true San Francisco via Texas music icon, since arriving in the city by the bay with his band The Dicks in the early 80’s, Gary Floyd has painted with many musical colors, from the red , hot & fierce roars of bands like Black Kali Ma, to the more subtle swamp tones he tends to hit here with The Buddha Brothers. Whipping up wistful folk with some sweet & occasionally nasty down home blues elements, imagine Gary and the boys on some shaded country front porch obliviously jamming as the day passes by. Gary’s mournful howls rise above the sound of squealin’ baby pigs in the nearby sty, and his Buddha Brothers keep happily hammering home harmonies, and rapturous riffs a-plenty long after the sweltering sun goes down.

Shot at their seeming home away from home, the SF Eagle, in this video Gary’s Buddha Brothers are Gary Floyd, Greg Dale, Chewy Marzolo, Edgar San Gabriel, Mark Smotroff and Pokechoppums

Check out these links below to Bandcamp and search for Buddha Brothers music, you can find at two separate releases from this informal amalgamation of San Francisco Bay Area musicians.

The most recent release basically features the lineup in this video, and was recorded by Donny Newenhouse at El Studio in San Francisco in 2018 on fat two inch analog tape and includes a striking cover of Karen Dalton’s “Something On Your Mind”

The  first Buddha Brothers digital collection was recorded a couple years earlier by Doug Hilsinger who played some pedal steel along with a lineup that included

  • Gary Floyd: vocals, harmonica
  • Edgar San Gabriel: bass
  • Jeff Hashfield: piano, organ
  • Danny Roman: guitar
  • Elliott Shannonhouse: guitar
  • Josh Walker: drums
    and Ms Caroleen Beatty on backing vocals

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