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The 78 RPMs from their album Pulsator

78 RPMs are a now defunct band comprised of SKANKIN PICKLE members Lynette Knackstedt (RIP) and Lars Nylander, plus RUDIMENTS frontman Brent Willson on gtr and the mysterious Gary on drums

78 RPMS Live in Concert

When it comes to extinct Bay Area bands, we will stop at nothing in our quest to unearth the finest of the trash rock greats…

One such bands that never failed to impress was the frenetic 78 RPMs who released two albums and several singles, mostly on their own Dill Records label…this track is from their final full length offering “Pulsator” via the Shrunken Head label

78 RPM’s were the late great Lynette Knackstedt on bass, Lars Nylander on keys (both formerly of Skankin Pickle); with Brent Wilson of the Rudiments/ Impalers on guitar, and the mysterious Gary on drums

In this video cobbled together at the turn of the century by the DBL VZN crew ( basically me and “Fatty” Jeff McColgan) that we shot on two $900 digital video cameras at The SF Eagle, Galia & Kimo’s circa 2001 …and then edited on a trusty new $4000 PC in a Mission District flat whose rooms rented for $260. Nowadays the gear could be had for less than $500 but the rent would be $4000 a month …go figger

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