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Richie Ramone Live in Las Vegas – Smash You / I Just Want To Have Something To Do

Influenced by theatrical classic hard rock, yet rooted in the 4 on the floor British Invasion meets Bowery beat, Richie Ramone delivers his personal interpretation of Ramones songs live in the clubs for a new generation that never likely experienced the real Ramones onstage
Richie Ramone Smash You Video Still

Here’s veteran rocker Richie Ramone, backed by his touring band featuring throttle down Aussie six string meister Ronnie Simmons on guitar, Clare Misstake on Bass and ex-Feederz drummer Ben Reagan. This clip of classic Ramones’ tunes was recorded live at The Dive Bar in Las Vegas. The band were pumpin’ up the volume, but with vocals at the mercy of an atrociously lame PA, but what would ya expect at a place called the Dive Bar? I shot this clip on the first night of their 2016 US Tour that eventually took this band across the US via dozens of energetic shows in some 26 states, and then onto the EU, South America, and Asia.

Richie Ramone on vocals, Clare Misstake on Bass, Ben Wah on Drums, Ronnie Simmons on Guitar
Live at The Dive Bar in Las Vegas

Richie Ramone (aka Richard Reinhardt) joined the Ramones in the early 80’s when Marky was demoted due to an alcohol related reliability problem at the time. Through some of their most extensive touring runs, best selling albums, and highest charting singles, Richie infused new energy into the group, and was the fabled NYC band’s backbeat for hundreds of gigs. Richie played on, and even co-wrote some of their best known songs of the 1980’s including “Somebody Put Something In My Drink” and the single “Smash You” (seen in this clip). After a well documented falling out with Johnny and the band, essentially over not receiving a split from the band merch (especially t-shirt’s that bore his name and photo), he quit in a huff in the late 80’s.

Reinhardt recently resumed his indentity as Richie Ramone to keep his former band’s fabled four on the floor 1-2-3-4-Go sound alive, and give a new generation a chance to experience a full throttle rock show like the Ramones once delivered night after night.

Richie Ramone Entitled LP

His album “Entitled” dropped in 2013, and “Cellophane” arrived in the fall of 2O16 featuring all new tunes from Richie with the same ol’ bad attitude the Ramones were known for… I own both and ain’t afraid to spin ’em, even if the neighbors disapprove.

Richie Ramone Autographed White Vinyl "Entitled" LP

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