Is Khaela Maricich The Woman You Want Her To Be?

Khaela Maricich’s creative work as “The Blow” somehow exists in the fringe balsam glade of performance art that pivots and pirouettes between the intersection of “spoken word”, “indie rock” and “dance music”. As she notes in “The Woman You Want Her To Be”
Around back is the VIP entrance
it’s invite only and many resent this
they swear
their name must be on the list
They wanna get in get in get in get in…

Ruby Ray : Kalifornia Kool at Vesuvios

Ruby Ray photographed confrontational artists like Devo, William S Burroughs, Crime, Nico, The Avengers and Z’ev at the nexus of punk & industrial subcultures for Search & Destroy magazine in late 70’s and early 80’s San Francisco. Her photos are a vivid documentation of decades past that still seem as vital and necessary today

The Myth Of Democratic Party Purity Tests: Grifters Who Never Fail To Fail

The Iowa Caucus was just a preview of the next Democrat Party failure: From NAFTA, to repeal of Glass-Steagall, or ushering in the $2 trillion botch job of the Iraq war, there’s always a Democrat about to get busted for some corruption behind it. they fought to bring us NAFTA, and repeal Glass-Steagall and marched in lock step with Bush & Cheney to usher in the $2 trillion botch job of the Iraq war

Richie Ramone Live in Las Vegas – Smash You / I Just Want To Have Something To Do

Influenced by theatrical classic hard rock, yet rooted in the 4 on the floor British Invasion meets Bowery beat, Richie Ramone delivers his personal interpretation of Ramones songs live in the clubs for a new generation that never likely experienced the real Ramones onstage

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