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Stiv Eitzel vs Jesus Craptacular Superstar

Mark Eitzel Onstage at Craptacular
Tis The Season...

Here is the first clip I’ve had time to edit from the annual Xmess Craptacular at the Make Out Room in San Francisco.

These two songs below are sung by Mark Eitzel, (formerly of American Music Club) with the band consisting of Tom Ayres and Bart Davenport on guitars, Pete Strauss on bass,  Michael Urbano on drums with that mini Capelle on percussion holding down the rhythm section. These surprise numbers were definitely among the evening’s roller coaster of highs and lows and highlights for low lifes who get back on and ride again.

more videos from this annual event that benefits the San Francisco food bank and livens up a dreary holiday season will be forthcoming as time permits…stay tuned

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