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Culture Club – The Truth Is A Runaway Train

The original arrangement of "The Truth Is a Runaway Train" as performed by Boy George and Culture Club in Berkeley at the Greek Theater
Culture Club

In 2015, Culture Club reformed and made a tour stop at The Greek Theater in Berkeley, before the tour had to be cut short due to Boy George O’Dowd suffering some vocal polyp issues. They eventually came back with a new album called LIFE, in 2018 with this song on it, but with a somewhat different arrangement, but that still namedrops Michelle Obama.

Here is the original version of “The Truth Is A Runway Train”, which I assembled as a slideshow montage.

This original Johnny Cash country folk influenced sound of this song differs greatly from the more glossy gospel/soul style version that they ended up putting on their next album, and even did an upbeat sort of gritty Philly Soul/Stax style remix featuring Gladys Knight who also joined the band onstage at The Greek Theater in LA.

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