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NOFX : Fish In a Barrel And Who In America Cares?

NOFX has toured and tortured the known world from Iowa to Israel, Moscow to MPLS and somehow only gets more popular... we examine the data why and exclusive early video evidence shot circa 1992

Since the late 1980’s the band NOFX has been torturing audiences coast to coast, and eventually worldwide, and they’ve only gotten more popular for some mysterious reason.

Below I’ve embedded a rare video I shot of the band circa 1992 at a show at the Bottom Of The Hill in San Francisco, and you’ll get their 2019 single and the most recent US search trends data from Google on who is looking up the band.

picture of Fat Mike of NOFX, with drummer Eric Sandin taken February  2007 by Miles Gehm in San Francisco

I think the video above was shot an early all ages Sunday show circa December 1992 at Bottom Of The Hill in San Francisco. Aaron Abeyta ( aka El Hefe) was a recent addition, and I think the White Trash Two Heebs and a Bean album had just been released. It could’ve also been 1993…I can’t recall, I know NOFX toured Japan with All You Can Eat in 1994, but this is definitely before then… Does anyone else remember this gig?

Here’s google search data on where in the whirled peeps keeps looking these guys up

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