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The Briefs – The Kids Laugh At You

The Briefs perform a live song originally featured on a 7" import single pressing released on TAKEN BY SURPRISE records
The Briefs 2019 Live

live version of the single originally released in the EU via TAKEN BY SURPRISE Records

Here’s another multi-cam video I shot at a sold-out Ivy Room in Albany CA by The Briefs doing a track off their first new LP in a decade #PlatinumRats. The album is out now in the USA on BURGER RECORDS and Damaged Goods in the EU

A band for over twenty years, formerly based in Seattle and now spread all over like a blood spatter at a crime scene, Die Feisty Fab Four aus Seattle schießen locker aus der Hüfte zwei neue Punkrock-Smasher, die sich anhören, als ob keine Minute vergangen wäre. Und immer noch wildern sie sowohl in 70er und 80er UK- als auch US-Gefilden, um ihren Sound zu schmieden. のニューアルバムがお出ましだ!何時ぶりなんだいったい!わっしょい!

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