Bob Dylan & Ronee Blakely

Ronee Blakley Recalls Drinkin’ Her Way Through Dylan’s Rolling Thunder Revue

I’m noticing a lot of sudden interest in the Dylan Rolling Thunder tour some 45 years since it was a thing, especially now that Martin Scorsese has dropped a disputable documentary on it.

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Martin Scorsese Netflix Doc On Dylan’s Rolling Thunder Review
So let’s check in with Renaldo & Clara Star Ronee Blakley in a 1978 freewheelin’ Freeform FM Radio Interview with broadcaster Patrick Carr reviewing them boozin’ Daze & Knights when she was entrenched on the road with many musical masterminds. She reveals some tidbits about the Thunder Road and making the film Renaldo and Clara with Dob Bylan and Boan Jaez.

The Renaldo & Clara film didn’t come out until 1978,  some 3 years after the tour, and was quickly panned by critics, as the Times They Were a Changin! Ratso Sloman actually wrote a book about traveling with Dylan in ’75 and recounts some major points fro the Rolling Thunder tour in this recent article in the LA Times here :

The film is streaming on Netflix here :

Rolling Thunder Revue

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