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Genitorturers – Devil In A Bottle

Genitortuters, Devil In A Bottle, 2019 Tour,UC Theatre, Berzerkley

Genitortuters, Devil In A Bottle, Genitorturers, 2019 Tour at UC Theatre,

Here’s a clip of the infamous Florida Freak Show known as The @Genitorturers – caught doing their classic song “Devil In A Bottle” that I shot live in Berkeley at @TheUCTheatre while the band were on the 2019 #PrettyInKink Tour

Depraved Rock n Roll from FLA finally makes its way after XXX years to the Taube Family UC Theatre in Berkeley CA. The original studio version of this track was featured on the 2009 album “Blackheart Revolution”.

Oh, yeah! Well, I said I was a sinner, baby

Said I was alone

Saw the walls come-a crashing down

I’m goin’ out with a devil in a bottle, Devil in a bottle yeah (ooh yeah!)

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