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Enorchestra – Golden Hours (Live Eno Tribute)

Eno Orchestra performs "Golden Hours" from Brian Eno's Another Green World album live at Make OUt Room SF
Still From Eno Orchestra Video

Caroleen Beatty & Doug Hilsinger’s Enorchestra – Golden Hours (live @MakeOutRoomSF) from LilMikeSF on Vimeo.

This song from Brian Eno’s Another Green World album was reinterpreted musically live at The Make-Out Room in San Francisco 4 /6 / 2019, Doug Hilsinger & Caroleen Beatty are backed by Bruce Ducheneaux on drums, Dusty Jermier on bass, Steve Perrone & Sunny Haire on additional guitars.

Doug, Caroleen, Sunny, Steve, Bruce and Dustin dusted off their unique guitar centric take on the 70’s era Brian Eno classics live at The Make-Out Room for a sold out Enorchestra + Mayya & the Revolutionary Hell Yeah! concert held Saturday April 6th 2019. This is but one of their many Enorchestra takes Brian Eno’s rock classics.

in 2004, Doug Hilsinger and Caroleen Beatty lovingly made a homemade cover version of Brian Eno’s second solo album, “Taking Tiger Mountain (by strategy)”, a wonderful record originally released in 1974 on the EG label. Brian Eno happened to hear the new versions of his old songs and was joyous, proclaiming “I like it very, VERY much!”.

And so it was released on cd by DBK Works label, with Brian Eno writing the liner notes. Two years later DBK went out of business and the cd is now out of print. if you want a CD with all the artwork, get in touch with Doug Hilsinger thru

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