Jane Wiedlin’s Elletrodomestico

Love Me From A Distance” a live version of a song from the Elletrodomestico album If You’re a Boy or a Girl.

Shortly before the Hemlock Tavern shut down for good in San Francisco, I was privileged enough to attend an evening’s show where Jane Wiedlin (formerly of the Go-Go’s) was giving her latest musical project a chance to test it’s club rock legs. Featuring her latest songwriting collaborator, Pietro Straccia on guitar, plus some local pedigreed rockers like Dawn Richardson of 4 Non-Blondes on percussion and and longtime Tom Waits’ guitarist Joe Gore playing bass, they put a great intimate show in a tiny sweaty club that has since been torn down.

Jane Wiedlin is still an energetic vital musical force and her talented backing band Elletrodomestico is living proof she’s still got it going on decades after the music industry certified her platinum!

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