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Old Firm Casuals – Hell’s A Lot Better

'Hell's A Lot Better", video of a live version of the lead off track from the Old Firm Casuals 2017 EP release 'Wartime Rock 'n' Roll"
Old Firm Casuals

Old Firm Casuals

Bassist Casey Watson sings lead vocal on “Hell’s A Lot Better”, the lead off track from the Old Firm Casuals’ 2017 EP release “Wartime Rock ‘n’ Roll“. Shot Dec 27th 2019 at Eli’s Mile High Club in Oakland, here’s their closing track that night.

The Old Firm Casuals are an American street punk band formed in 2010 as a sequel to Lars Frederiksen’s previous Rancid side project band known as Lars Frederiksen and The Bastards. Other members of his Old Firm Casuals unit include Paul Rivas (drums) and Gabriel Gabriloff (lead, rhythm guitar vocals).

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