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Have You Met Scott McCaughey ?

Scott McCaughey profiled in Street Roots

Scott McCaughey profiled in Street Roots by Jason Cohen

Scott McCaughey photo by Craig Love
Scott McCaughey photographed in Novato CA the night before his stroke in Nov 2017 (photo by Craig Love)

Thank God for Obamacare, y’know? Or rather, thank the people who did this compromised half-assed version of health care, which really added up to something for me. And now they’re busy trying to get rid of it. So, #FuckMitchMcConnell… you can quote me”

Read the great profile by Jason Cohen of Scott McCaughey, the multi talented musician who co-founded such bands as The Minus Five, The Filthy Friends and Young Fresh Fellows, and who has contributed much to the sounds of others either live or in numerous studio sessions with such artsists as R.E.M., The Walkabouts, Mudhoney, Alejandro Escovedo, Arthur/Buck and many others ad infinitum

Here are some videos from our archives featuring Scott McCaughey

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