Is Khaela Maricich The Woman You Want Her To Be?

Khaela Maricich’s creative work as “The Blow” somehow exists in the fringe balsam glade of performance art that pivots and pirouettes between the intersection of “spoken word”, “indie rock” and “dance music”. As she notes in “The Woman You Want Her To Be”
Around back is the VIP entrance
it’s invite only and many resent this
they swear
their name must be on the list
They wanna get in get in get in get in…

San Francisco’s $2.1 Billion Dollar Bus Barn Boondoggle

Political Operatives Of The Controlling Democrat Cabal Casually Squandered A Billion Tax Dollar$ On A Fancy Bus Shelter That Is A Total Bust ! Due To Safety Concerns About Shoddy Construction, It Was Blocked Off From Public Access A Year Ago, Only Days After Opening, And Its Closure Escalated The Already Miserable Gridlock Downtown.

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