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the Hype Machine Merch-Table can cross reference song titles from Spotify Playlists and link out to their monetizable counterpart links on Bandcamp
Lil' Mike's March Madness Mix
LilMike 's March Madness Music Mix Includes A Nawlin's Soul Explosion Of Retrodelic R&B Rarities Raw Rawk to compete with the voices in your head
Random Revelations
A 2 hr guided missile of a mixed bag of quarantunes streamed for our friends & followers featuring Chip & Tony Kinman of Rank & File, No Trend, Joe King Carrasco, Johnnie Taylor, Arthur Lyman, Dusty Springfield, Too $hort and many more
Kalifornia Kool by Ruby Ray
Ruby Ray photographed confrontational artists like Devo, William S Burroughs, Crime, Nico, The Avengers and Z'ev at the nexus of punk & industrial subcultures for Search & Destroy magazine in late 70's and early 80's San Francisco. Her photos are a vivid documentation of decades past that still seem as vital and necessary today
Lil Mike Martzke
a podcast interview with Lil Mike that details his early years on the east coast, music from his earliest band Toolin' For Bovines and the crazy chain of events that led to his moving to San Francisco where he began performing celtic punk music with the Bedlam Rovers, the Rolling Scabs and eventually promoting numerous shows for touring indie rock acts