December 3, 2021

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Roky Erickson Tribute “Goodbye Sweet Dreams”

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Roky Erickson Tribute Tune by Eric Moffatt's JACKSHACK featuring Cindy Giuliani on bass, Ricky Wayne Garrett on drums, with Roman Yamilov on guitar.
Goodbye Sweet Dreams

There was a unique Roky Erickson Birthday Tribute earlier this week by several local musicians of note in San Francisco. GibbsMo emCee Parker Gibbs introduces Eric Moffatt’s JACKSHACK . This cover of Roky’s “Goodbye Sweet Dreams” was by the loose coalition known as JACKSHACK featuring Eric Moffatt on guitar & vocals, with Cindy Giuliani on bass, Ricky Wayne Garrett on drums, and Roman Yamilov on guitar.

[yourchannel video=”VhsahoiDlWU”]

Video is excerpted from footage I recorded at the recent Sad Bastard’s Club Roky Erickson Tribute Night held at The Make-Out Room in San Francisco July 15th 2019 … Eric Moffat insists on calling his rotating backup band JACKSHACK, and until he comes up with an even shittier name I guess I’ll let him. Personally I already suggested Chief Sour Mashantucket & His Pale White Jazz Hands but he wasn’t interested.

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