EMA performs “Satellites” from her album “The Future’s Void”

Shot at the Rickshaw Stop, EMA aka  Erika M. Anderson performs “Satellites” from her City Slang/Matador album “The Future’s Void” on the #PowerConvergence tour in October 2017 in San Francisco.

A Mlti Camera video of EMA as she Opens The Satellites on her fall #powerconvergence tour 2017 in San Francisco at the Rickshaw Stop. More about EMA here :




Jon Langford’s Four Lost Souls – Natchez Trace (Live)

A Tale Of Highways And History From Four Lost Souls found ambling onto the stage Live at The Make-Out Room in San Francisco

John Szymanski, Jon Langford, Tawny Newsome and Bethany Thomas live at The Makeout Room in San Francisco celebrating the release of their album JON LANGFORD’S FOUR LOST SOULS produced by Norbert Putnam on Bloodshot Records. For more info see http://www.bloodshotrecords.com/four-…

The Blasters – Crazy Baby (Live)

Still Crazy After All These Years, The Mighty Phil Alvin Leads The Boys Through A Classic Rockabilly Rave Up Track They’ve Covering For Decades

Crazy Baby performed by Bill Bateman, John Bazz, Keith Wyatt, and Maestro Phil Alvin live March 26 2017. DJ Sid Presley arranged for a rare opportunity to see the legendary Downey CA founded band The Blasters in a small club setting of the Longboard Margarita Bar in the foggy coastal community of Pacifica CA. Thanx to the Blasters, their Road Crew and the staff at the Longboard for helping with this great event.

The song Crazy Baby was written by Ron Volz and Ron Wernsman. and originally put out in 1958, by their Metamora Illinois based band called The Rockin R’s. Originally issued on Tempus Records, pressed by RCA Victor Custom division ,The Blasters later covered it and put it on their 1980 debut American Music. 

Well, got me a crazy baby, coolest little chick I know
Got me a crazy baby and I love her so
Crazy baby, I love you
Crazy girl, crazy honey, crazy baby, all my own
Crazy baby I wanna take you home
(Let’s rock!)
Well I got me a crazy baby, always on the move
Movin’ little honey that puts me in the groove
Crazy baby, I love you
Crazy girl, crazy honey, crazy baby, all my own
Crazy baby I wanna take you home

(Let’s rock again!)
Well I got me a crazy baby, always on the go
I love my crazy baby, ’cause she digs that rock and roll
Crazy baby, I love you
Crazy girl, crazy honey, crazy baby, all my own
Crazy baby I wanna take you home
(Last time!)
Well crazy baby, always on the go
Crazy baby, I love you so

According to founding member and Phil’s brother DaveAlvin “The Blasters owe a lot to a truck driver whose name I’ve forgotten”.

Phil, Bill, John, and I were working day jobs, rehearsing at night in a factory in #GardenGrove and trying desperately to find any steady gig that paid more than free beer. Our friends, James Harman and Mike Foresta, had recorded a demo tape of us and we’d taken copies to every “cool” nightclub in the Hollywood/West LA area, but no one was interested in a roots band, especially one from #DowneyCalifornia, with no hip credentials.

I read somewhere about “Rockin” Ronny Weiser and his small rockabilly label (Rollin’ Rock), so Phil called him about the possibility of recording us. Ronny was skeptical until Phil sang and played guitar over the phone and within an hour Phil and I were sitting in Ronny’s living room playing him our tape. Ronny dug the tape, but still wouldn’t make a commitment to record us because we’d only played in biker and country bars on the decidedly untrendy southeast side of LA County. We knew none of the Hollywood scenesters and tastemakers and they definitely didn’t know us. That is, until this truck driver came by Ronny’s to pick up boxes of records to be shipped.

“Who’s this playing?” he asked Ronny. “It’s us,” Phil said.

“Is this what these records are? If it is, I’ll buy a copy. My wife and I dig this kind of music. You can’t find music like this anymore.”

We couldn’t have asked for more even if we’d paid him a million bucks. Once he left, Ronny quickly discussed when we’d record our first album and within a few weeks we were in Ronny’s garage/studio. James and Mike were with us for moral support. We drank a lot of beer. Phil, the most experienced, led us patiently and sang his heart out. James let me record with a white Fender Stratocaster that he swore once belonged to Magic Sam. I made mistakes I’ll spend the rest of my life trying to forget, but Ronny kept pushing us to quit thinking too much and just keep it rockin’ (and with a rhythm section like John and Bill, that was no problem). After that first day of recording, we drove back to our side of town punching each other in excitement and jumping up and down in the car seats like little boys. we yelled at strangers in passing cars that we’d made a record and we were gonna be famous. I remember at one point all four of us had our heads out the car windows, laughing cursing, screaming, and howling at the moon.

“Wherever you are, Mr. Truck Driver, thanks man.”
—Dave Alvin in the #AmericanMusic reissue liner notes, – via Hightone Records, 1997

Cocker Power at The Chapel

This video documents two opening numbers from the Mad Dogs & Englishmen tribute band Cocker Power playing a concert at The Chapel. The band who mine the touring period of Joe Cocker & Leon Russell’s most fertile musical legacy are comprised of friends and members of numerous local San Francisco based indie rock acts both past & present including Oranger, Tarnation, Sweet Chariot, Men’s Club and others.

On this occasion at The Chapel in San Francisco members of the mob included: Patrick Main, Paula Frazer, Tex Dworkin , Donnelle Malnick, Tom Galbraith, Dave Leonard, Mark Gordon , Chris Guthridge , Scott Larson, Carroll Ashby, Dan Carr, Justin Frahm, with a fantabulous Liquid Light show by Mad Alchemy

Thanx for watching! If ya dig it, please consider donating a $1 to keep my video channel alive & kicking http://paypal.me/lilmikesf

Ruleta Rusa – Divina ProvidenC.I.A.

Ruleta Ruse perform the song Divina ProvidenCIA at the Elbo Room in San Francisco

A studio version of this song can be found on the 2017 LP Viviendo Una Maldicion through Sorry State Records, and the seven song Ltd Edition Pressing 2015 Euro Tour 12″ EP on Trabuc Records available here https://ruletarusa.bandcamp.com/

Live at the Elbo Room in San Francisco,
these Ruleta Rusa lyrics are inspired by the deadly political power struggles in El Salvador particularly throughout the 1980’s by the government against the FMLN opposition movement. El Salvador’s right wing military death squads, backed by the country’s banks and elites, as well as United States government, went after indigenous activists, Jesuit Priests, aid workers, students and civilian intellectuals. At the peak of the conflict, the death squads wiped-out entire villages when hunting opposition guerillas, including over 1,000 people in the village of El Mozote in 1981. 

During the height of the war, United States aid to the repressive government averaged $1.5 million dollars a day.  The U.S. finally ceased support of the regime only in 1990 after tens of thousands of civilian deaths and the United Nations became involved in the human rights crisis. After U.S. Congressman Moakley raised issues about the atrocities and coverups by the military, eventually some military members were prosecuted for the kidnapping, torture, rape and murder thousands of unarmed civilians.

Sarah Bethe Nelson – Leonard Cohen Tribute

The Song “Lover, Lover, Lover” with assistance from Rusty Miller & Wren Peterson


Live At The Chapel

introduced by Sylvie Simmons, in this video Sarah Bethe Nelson, Anna Wren Peterson & Russell James Miller perform at the Leonard Cohen Tribute Night held at the Chapel on Valencia in San Francisco 11/27/2016, a benefit For The San Francisco Community Music Center (sfcmc.org). Sarah Bethe’s has three full length releases available on Burger Records, previews available here http://j.mp/sarahbethe

Carlos Guitarlos & Chuck Prophet – Ramblin’ On My Mind Jam at the SF Eagle

Bad ass bar room blues guitarist Carlos Guitarlos (Top Jimmy & The Rhythm Pigs, Bottom Of The Can Band) joined Chuck Prophet & The Mission Express onstage in early 2002 at legendary leather bar the SF Eagle. They jammed on this version of a storied blues refrain “Ramblin On My Mind”.

I got ramblin’
I got ramblin’ on my mind
I got ramblin’
I got ramblin’ all on my mind
Hate to leave my baby
But you treats me so unkind
I got mean things
I got mean things on my mind

When I recorded this clip back in 2002, Chuck Prophet’s backing band The Mission Express included Max Butler on guitar, “Teenage” Rob Douglas on bass, Paul Revelli on drums, and Chuck’s amazing wife Miss Stephanie Finch on keys.

#CarlosGuitarlos can be found on the web at http://facebook.com/CarlosGuitarlosMusic

#ChuckProphet at http://ChuckProphet.com

Texas Terri and The Stiff Ones (CW Saloon Fall 2000)

Texas Terri Blistering 20 minutes of a circa 2000, Stiff Ones’ show, including a toxic tear down of Iggy & the Stooges’ “Shake Appeal” seen towards the beginning of the set. This classic Texas Terri & The Stiff Ones lineup was only together for a brief time, but fortunately I snagged some digital video of their heyday at the ye olde Covered Wagon Saloon. Unfortunately my up close & personal raw & rawkin” footage means some maxed out, way overloaded camera mic audio that’s in the red as well.

Hard to believe this gig was nearly 20 years ago, and sadly despite thorough searching online I can find no evidence of the exact date that this show went down. All I know is from the side banter captured on tape that it was definitely a Thursday Night, some ramshackle production at the Covered Wagon Saloon in San Francisco. The band was apparently opening for Jeff Dahl and evidentiary flyers seen on the wall of the club indicate it was possibly late September or early October 2000.

@LilMikeSF Media Maker Myriorama

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