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Donald Trump Snorts Addreall
Hittin’ On Teens & Snortin’ Adderall With Da Tweaker In Chief… A former Celebrity Apprentice...
ThumbNai Image of video of The Gits at CW Saloon
The Gits – Absynthe shows Seattle band performing in a rare clip of a show I shot at the Covered Wagon Saloon in San Francisco in February 1993.
78 RPMs are a now defunct band comprised of SKANKIN PICKLE members Lynette Knackstedt (RIP) and Lars Nylander, plus RUDIMENTS frontman Brent Willson on gtr and the mysterious Gary on drums
Alan Turing
Alan Turing played a key role in breaking German Enigma codes in World War II via his Turing machine, and also contributed to the invention of what we now call the computer and predicted the fundamentals of what we now call Artificial Intelligence